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Handheld laser welding and cutting 2 in 1 machine


Handheld laser cutting and welding 2 in 1 

This model is included welding and cutting function.

The feature of welding technology is the width for welding seam 0.2-3mm adjustable.

It can solve the problem that the metals is easy to change the shape, has the seam and

incorrect position. And the machine can cut 0.2-2mm stainless steel plate.

The machine is used widely for elevator stairs, storage rack, oven, fence for stainless steel

door and window, electric cabinet, splitter plate for the Hotpot with double-flavoured,

stainless steel bathroom or furniture Industries ect. These industries need the complex,

irregular welding technology. The machine can replace perfectly the traditional argon arc

welding machine. And it can weld the metals plates such as thin stainless steel plate, iron

plate, aluminous plate ect.


Structure And Function Introduction Of Double Swing Handheld Welding Head

The serial number is showed in the pictures:

1. Copper nozzle: The customer can choose the different spray nozzle depending on the

different welding technology (inner angle nozzle, extrenal angle nozzle, feeding wire coppery


2. Thread Steel Tube: It can adjust the focal distance by running the thread tube. The

suitable distance is ±10mm.

3. Gas Tube Port: It can protect the gas air-blowing port.

4. Conductive Signal Line: It can communicated with the copper nozzle. When welding, it

can touch the floor to produce the circuit for to the safety protection.

5. Installation Port of Protection Ophthalmic Lens: Protective glass with water cooling

structer, the using lifetime is more longer. We suggest that please use the alcohol dustless

swabs to clean 1 time the dust on the ophthalmic lens every day.

6. Circulating Waterway: The circulation structure of water cooling can reduce the

temperature for the reflective lens and the inner structure of the welding gun.

7. LCD Screen: It can show the system parameters and whether is normal for the signal of


8. Hand Shank of Gun Block: aluminium oxide technology, light and portable, and

comfortable when you hold it.

9. Actived Light Shotted Button: Change the structure of hand shank and the position of

actived button can be suitable for the operating using by the left hand and the right hand.

10. QBH Locking Sleeve: Connect with the Laser Device QBH, please pay attention to clean

when installation in order to avoid the dust into the inner of the gun block.

Feeding Wire Structure and Accessories:

Feeding Wire Function Introduction:

1. Feeding wire clamp, feeding wire copper nozzle, welded coppery nozzle

2. Inner structure of wire feeder adopts the full closed and low speed motor with high

precision. The double driving feeding wire structure makes the feeding more unobstructed,

power and not obstruct the wire. It can convenient to move whenever because of the

universal wheel removable.

3. Closed type of case design, with the protable hand shank, chinese red for the


4. Wire feeding adjuster, LCD Screen shows the feeding wire speed real-time, adjusting

speed with high precision, adjustable feeding wire speed range more widely.

Sample show

1. Simple Operation: Wthout the high training cost, it is simple to welding and cutting.

2. Fast speed and high efficiency, wide working range: can add the function of automatic

wire feeding, laser welding machine with energy concentration, welding by fast speed and

high efficiency, smooth and beautiful welding seam, reduce poished process.

3. Welding and cutting material widely: stainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized plate,

aluminous plate ect. metal material.

4. Breakthrough the limited for the shape of workpiece and the working temperature:

small welding spot, small range about the heat effect, needn‘t set up the welding worktable,

small space occupation, working flexible, fast welding speed, movable working in far

distance without limited by environmental space.


1. Because without inbuilt available parts, all repaires should be carried out by our

professional engineer. Please don’t break the label and open the cover of welding gun head.

If not, we can’t provide the warranty repaire for any broken.

2. Please don’t look straightly the welding laser ejection head. The professional laser goggles

must be worn during operation.

3. Pleas supply the continuous and credible power, because it will break the control system if the

supply power cutted off continuously.

4. The safety lock is 24V high electrical level, please don’t connect shortly to the aviation

plug GND outer shell of the wire sets in the handheld gun and don’t crash each oth4er when

installation. Otherwise the short circuit may burn the the supply power and the main control

panel. Please use the insulated rubber tape to pack it after connecting with the aviation plug

of gun head.

5. Please notice that control circuit imputs 24V and 15V must be supplied the power

meanwhile to the welding system. If not, it may cause the signal transmission incorrected.

6. When install QBH locking sleeve, please notice the cleaning ennviroment, and should turn

off electric fan, withou floating dust. The QHB must be cleaned, then can put into the gun

block. Otherwise the straight ophthalmic lens will be burned.

7. The ophthalmic lens of double sawing welding head belongs to the consumable parts 

(including straight, focus and protective ophthalmic lens). If the ophthalmic lens broken, we

can’t provide the warranty repaire. Our company promises that if you send the consumable

parts to our company to repaire, we only gather the material charge, not gather other charge,

if the parts is under the warranty. If the parts don’t belong to the consumable parts, and not

human-made broken, under the warranty our company will bear all repaired cost.

Handheld laser welding and cutting 2 in 1 machine
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Handheld laser welding and cutting 2 in 1 machine


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